a day in the shop…

A selection of photos taken this summer, a day in the life of me in my pottery shop… (photo cred: Kari Medig)
Prospero Pottery-6907Prospero Pottery-6978 Prospero Pottery-6901 Prospero Pottery-6863 Prospero Pottery-6846 Prospero Pottery-6843 Prospero Pottery-6783 Prospero Pottery-6772 Prospero Pottery-6761 Prospero Pottery-6743 Prospero Pottery-6997


Summer 2012

Heres a list of Markets and festivals i’ll be selling my pots at this summer…

  1. Saturday Cottonwood Market,  Nelson
  2. Wednesday Baker St. Market,  Nelson
  3. Star Belly Jam Music Festival, Crawford Bay
  4. Hills Garlicfest, New Denver
Craft Connection, Nelson BC  www.craftconnection.org
Distill Gallery, Toronto ON   http://www.distillgallery.com
Summer shop hours:
Monday – Thursday 10am-2pm..
come check out the shop,  some pretty pots, and see what i’m working on…
Contact info:
Eryn Prospero

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